Welcome to Lavender & Thyme Cottage

Lavender & Thyme Cottage is our home in beautiful Central Otago, New Zealand. We want to live a good life- simply, live off the land, use 100% natural products whenever possible and maintain a sense of style. Our household is busy but fun, with 4 young children, the cat and the dog. Our ¼ acre edible garden paradise enjoys the continental climate of Pisa Moorings. The plantings are inspired by the French potager garden, with vegetables grown in an ornamental fashion alongside flowers and espaliered fruit trees. The garden has over 40 fruit trees including many heritage varieties, lots of lavender, strawberries and of course its very own vineyard… a must have in Central Otago.

Wine Barrel SignFrench style house in handmade bricks

Candelabra Espaliered Gormande and ConferenceGrosso Lavender and Carex Bucchanii

One thought on “Welcome to Lavender & Thyme Cottage

  1. Hey just checked out your website and got drawn into the recipe page and now am salivating freely 🙂 Hope you got as much fun out of creating this site as I am having in reading it. GO YOU !

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