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2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi there, I love your website, very useful!, I am doing a large walled garden in Hamilton, with a lot of espalier fruit around the 3m high walls, and herbs and vegies within. I have a wall that runs east west, so has an all day shady side, What fruit would you recommend to espalier on this shady side? Thanks Jan

    • Hi Jan
      That sounds wonderful a large walled garden. I also have a wall that runs east however it does experience some sun. In your case I would recommend an espaliered apple. You can just about grow an apple anywhere. My advice would be go for a Rezista selection which are highly recommended for organic orchards. The varieties are resistant to black spot and require little spraying. We grow “Liberty” (very juicy and yummy flavour) and “Baujade” (granny smith style). If not so keen on these varieties I would recommend a variety that you love the flavour of, as long as its a spur bearer of fruit. I would suggest however that it would be more optimal to have an early fruiting variety due to the lack of sunshine. Some early varieties are Gala, Oratia Beauty, Worcester Permain, Cox’s Orange Pippin- just ensure they are spur bearers. Thank you for your wonderful feedback about our web-site, we hope you visit the site often. Regards, Rose.

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