Berries Galore

french style outdoor dining, berry garden at Lavender and Thyme Cottage

You can almost taste the sunshine and the sweetest day, in a mouthful of juicy delicious homegrown berries……. strawberry milkshakes, strawberry juice -how decadent! strawberry jam and strawberry shortcake. Rich flavoured raspberries and cream, loganberry and custard tart, gooseberry fool…… blackcurrant drink, blackberry and apple pie, and of course natures jewel like lollies-‘niagara’ grapes. Beleive me, these fruits taste sooo much better than any store bought variety.

We decided quite early in the garden planting that with our four lively children and their hungry appetites, pick your own fruit was needed, so a lot of berries are grown on the property.

List of berry bushes grown at Lavender and Thyme Cottage;

  • Blackberry ‘Black Satin’
  • Blackcurrant ‘Ben Mapua’
  • Blueberry ‘Blue Dawn’/ ‘Blue Magic’
  • Cranberry ‘Crowley’
  • Gooseberry ‘Invicta’
  • Grapes ‘Niagara’/ ‘Albany Surprise’/ ‘Iona’/ ‘Pinot Noir- 6, 115, 667, 943’/ ‘Pinot Grigio-M2’
  • Hybrid Berry ‘Thornless Jewel’
  • Loganberry ‘Waimate’
  • Pomegranate ‘Wonderful’
  • Raspberries ‘Heritage’/ ‘Aspiring’
  • Redcurrant ‘Gloria de Versailles’
  • Strawberries ‘Pajaro’
  • White Currant ‘White Versaille’

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